Road Map

    We are constantly getting feedbacks from our customers to improve our product. Here, some of the features will be implemented in next versions:

    • Tenant subscription enhancements (like recurring payments).
    • Basic Xamarin application integrated to current backend (for Enterprise and Ultimate Licenses).
    • Sending mass notifications/emails to users.
    • Calander module.
    • Session timeout & lock screen.
    • Sending emails to administrators on errors.
    • Enhancements on front-end (like newsletter and contact pages).
    • Improvements on current features.
    • More tutorials and examples.

    We are adding new items here as we clearify them. All these features and much more will be available also for current customers in their upgrade period.

    Notice that: Major features are only being developed for ASP.NET Core + jQuery and ASP.NET Core + Angular versions beginning from v4.1. See version comparison table for more.